Template of Letter of Intent for Job

Letter of intent for job can be used as a synonym for the resume cover letter as they both serve the same purpose with the two different names. This letter of intent for job is sent along with the resume, which is sent to the employment company in order to seek the job from such company.

intent letter for job

In the letter of intent for job you can include the relevant and the significant information concerning to the capability of the job, which can convey your qualification and the other capabilities to the employment company so that you can be considered as a deserving candidate for the job.
These information are generally can’t be covered by the resume, since they are conveyed in the elaborated way and the resume only covers the straightforward information about the candidate.

So, here we are providing the template of this letter of intent for job, which you can use while making the application for your desired job.

This template has the following characteristics.

  • Being in the PDF Format you can use this template without any compatibility issue.
  • The template is also available in the PNG image file.
  • You can make the required changes to this template by opening it in the Word Software.

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